We Went Wrong with Almost Everything - The Last Days of the GDR (Günther Schabowski in Conversation with Frank Sieren)

Fall of the Berlin Wall and opening of the border – the man, who on 9 November 1989 in a casual remark unleashed this historical event, revisits the episodes of the last days of the GDR. Günter Schabowski used to belong to the inner power circle. However, more than any other SED functionaries, he publicly distanced himself from his past and assumed responsibility as well as moral guilt.

Relentless and open he recounts in conversation with Frank Sieren how bigoted, bureaucratic and unprofessional the GDR leadership operated, and how abysmal the distance between government and people was. The unsentimental wrapping up of a man, who formulates clearly why the dream of socialism has failed, and, at the same time, the sharp eye of an outsider who reveals the weaknesses of the West German democracy.

»We Went Wrong with Almost Everything« (»Wir haben fast alles falsch gemacht«)« is available at: www.amazon.de

Hardcover, 240 pages, March 2009
€ 19,90 [D], € 20,50 [A], sFr 35,90
ISBN-10: 3430300215, www.econ.de