The Future? China! How the New Superpower is Changing our Lives, our Politics and our Economy. -

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Hardcover edition: 360 pages, Euro 22 (D)
Published by Penguin (October 15, 2018)
ISBN-10: 3446443061

“For centuries it was taken for granted: the west determined the global rules of the game. In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries it was the Europeans. In the 20th century it was the Americans. Now we find ourselves at the dawn of an epochal, worldwide transformation. For the first time the global centre of power is shifting towards Asia.”
-Frank Sieren

Frank Sieren has been living in China for a quarter of a century – longer than any other western economic journalist. With ‘The future? China!’ the China expert presents the first book that comprehensively examines the influence of the new superpower on all continents and aspects of life. His conclusion is that: the times in which the west sets the standards, are over. For the first time in centuries an Asian country assumes the position of being a world power. Our values that we consider to be universal are already being questioned by the Chinese.
Already nowadays the new superpower contributes to well over 30 percent of the global economy’s growth. Sieren knows: China is only at the beginning of its ascent. In his new book he explains how the middle kingdom is expanding its influence throughout the world: whether in the automobile industry, which China is revolutionizing thanks to electric mobility and autonomous driving; in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence, where China is on a level-pegging with the USA; whether in Africa, where China has long since been investing in mineral deposits, infrastructure but also in light industry and creating trillions of jobs; or on the scale of the 1000 billion dollar project of the new silk road which reaches up to Duisburg and for which China has won the support of numerous east European states.