The Africa Boom – The Big Surprise of the 21st Century. -

Africa: Images of crowded refugee boats, Ebola, bloody civil wars and corrupt regimes persist. However at the same time Africa is booming like never before and is growing more dynamically than any other region of the world. In ‘The Africa Boom’ the brothers Andreas and Frank Sieren show us the new Africa. They have a unique perspective. One of them has lived in South Africa for almost fifteen years and the other has spent more than twenty years in China.
Meanwhile six of the ten fastest growing countries in the world are not actually located in Asia, but in Africa. For over a decade sub-Saharan Africa has gained more than five percent annually. This is because the world needs Africa’s raw materials. A middle class of 300 million people has already come into being. At the same time Africa has far too little electricity, and far too few roads and railway tracks. How is the continent with more than a billion people going to start to grow once they have more of these?
Africa’s ascent is making the world more equal and is creating global growth. China, India, Japan and Brazil recognized this long ago and are investing billions in Africa’s future with breathtaking speed. Has Germany already missed its opportunity?
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