China the Plutocracy – How the Rise of the Yuan is Weakening the Euro and the Dollar. -

A new global currency has come into being: the Chinese Yuan. The new government under the head of state and party leader Xi Jinping has uncompromisingly been using the strength of their own economy and the weakness of the west. In 2012 China’s economic power had already overtaken that of the Euro zone. In 2016 it is the USA’s turn. No other large national economy in the world has as much growth potential as China. This has given the Yuan the power to put the Euro and the US dollar under pressure and to pull ahead of them as the new reserve currency. It is an unbelievable empowerment for the new global power.
What type of rules is China going to conceive for the world’s financial system? This is a wakeup call for us in Germany to address this issue. It is because the Yuan will soon determine our daily lives much more than the question of how thrifty or industrious the Greeks are.
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