Business Know-how China – for a successful business trip -

Business Know-how China targets the biggest market in the world, which no one can fail to ignore. The practical guide mediates the characteristics of Chinese business life. You will discover what matters when it comes to negotiations, presentations, as well as with small talk and business invitations. You will discover how to deal with cultural differences. Your business relations in China or those with the Chinese will benefit as a result.
From the contents:
• An overview of history, politics, economy, society and culture
• Navigate and negotiate confidently in the Chinese business world
• Understanding work culture and practices
• Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou with recommendations for hotels, restaurants and going out
• City maps and a practical phrase book
‘Business Know-how China’ is available at:
Paperback edition: 203 pages, Euro 14.90 (D), Euro 15.40 (A), sFr 29.00
(September 2007)
ISBN-13: 978-3636015273,