Chinese Takeaway – Valuable and Curious Facts from the Middle Kingdom -

Do you happen to know, what was the colour of Mao’s swimming trunks? What are chuppies? How much does a top ranking Chinese politician earn? Or how about what the Chinese think about the Europeans, Americans, Russians or the Japanese?
The fourteen chapters with topics such as politics, culture, food, tourism or research and technology have resulted in an original collection that gives the reader an idea of the dizzying diversity that makes up the most heavily populated country in the world. It is a book one can browse or bury oneself into with facts, tables and short stories to tell your friends.
The China expert Hans Hauenschield (also known as Frank Sieren) has got the answers. For many years he was an entrepreneur in Hong Kong and has managed to compile all kinds of material from the middle kingdom that is curious, sensational and worth knowing.
‘Chinese Takeaway’ is available at:
Hardback edition: 272 pages, Euro 16.90
Publisher: Econ Verlag (April 12, 2007)
ISBN-10: 3430300304