The China Code – How the Booming Middle Kingdom is Changing Germany -

Globalisation has an engine: China. Despite its tremendous social problems the gigantic country is in a better position to adapt itself to the new challenges of the global economy than Germany, is the sobering analysis of Frank Sieren, economic correspondent and profound China watcher. Additionally: Germany’s future will be decided in the Middle Kingdom as the limitations of traditional western capitalism have already been reached.
China’s real strength can however only be understood if one is also familiar with its history: Frank Sieren vividly recounts how China’s emperors in the nineteenth century mismanaged the middle kingdom, how Mao Zedong once again unified the country and thereby became an opponent of globalization, and how Deng Xiaoping under enormous risks opened China to the world. Sieren most notably describes how the following generations of leaders under Jian Zemin and Hu Jintao became increasingly successful in protecting China from the dangers of globalization and at the same time in using its opportunities. ‘The China Code’ is a comprehensively researched and provocative read for all those who are interested in finding out how the world is changing.
Hardback edition, 420 pages, Euro 19.95 (D), Euro 20.60 (A), sFr 35
(March 2005)
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Paperback edition: 320 pages, Euro 9.95 (D), Euro 10.30 (A), sFr 18.90
(August 2006)
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‘The China Code’ as an audiobook (audio CD), October 2005:
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