The Politburo – The end of a Myth: An Interview -

Gunter Schabowski who had followed a smooth career path in the Socialist Unity Party’s state was the first to demand reforms in the cemented politburo, and, under the growing pressure of the public, toppled the secretary general Erich Honecker together with Egon Krentz.
Schabowski was considered as pragmatic and disposed towards reform, but also as cynical, as a man with a certain intelligent aura which seemed to set him apart from the grey guard of politburo members.
In this volume it is depicted through the interview with Schabowski, how the decision to open the wall came about, how policy was decided in the politburo, and how the coup d’état was executed; which role Gorbaschow played in the collapse, how the triarchy of Honecker, Mittag and Mielke governed, how the electoral fraud materialized and why the barely consistent attempted reformation under Krenz failed. Schabowski is not only an important witness of a time period. In his words he tries to figure out what motivated someone like himself to participate in a state at the central level, that tried to enforce a ‘humanitarian utopia’ through dictatorial means.
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Hardcover edition: Euro 12.99 (D)
Publisher: Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag (1990)
ISBN-10: 3499128888