"Asiatalk" - The New Talk Show from Beijing

Deutsche Welle-TV, Germany’s international broadcaster at the heart of Europe, is now airing programs from Asia for Asian audiences: “Asiatalk” is the name of a new talk show produced in Beijing which profiles the growing challenges of globalization.

DW-TV is unveiling a new talk show tailored specifically to audiences in Asia. Every week, host Frank Sieren will be inviting guests to his panel discussion who have special dealings with Asian countries. Plans are for eight German-language editions and eight in English, broadcast on the DW-TV ASIA+ and DW-TV ASIA channels.

Asiatalk: Deutsche Welle Press Release

Broadcasting Times: Deutsche Welle: Asiatalk with Frank Sieren
Contact: info@asiatalk.tv

Programmes and Videos:

7 January 2010
Partners! But how? Dealing in a clever way with the future world power China.
Frank Sieren hosts German Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Dr. Michael Schaefer.

31 December 2009
How do Asians interpret Beethoven? Is music really a universal language?
Frank Sieren hosts Justus Frantz, the famous German conductor.

28 December 2009
Peking Opera: Is there a hidden beauty?
Frank Sieren hosts Ghaffar Pourazar, the only foreigner who really knows how to perform Beijing Opera.

18 December 2009
The world economic crisis is not over: How top executives and governments should act differently.
Frank Sieren hosts Europe's leading Management Scholar and Consultant Prof. Fredmund Malik.

10 December 2009
China Online. The web changed China. Is China now changing the WorldWideWeb?
Frank Sieren hosts Victor Koo, one of the leading Chinese Web Tycoons.

8 December 2009
Disagreeable partners. How patient should we be with authoritarian states?
Frank Sieren hosts the former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder.